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    Page Last Updated: 03/10/2017

    Here is a few things we like you to know about our web/mobile app development and website project quote process and workflow. This will also allow you to see if we are a good fit for your project and provide you with costs to make an app in Melbourne and Australian app developers cost.

    We like to know this to ensure we can provide a quality result for the budget you have available and goals you are aiming to achieve. The cost of our web & mobile app development and websites depends on the amount of time we can dedicate to any one project, so where possible we like to know your budget before we begin.

    Quotes/Ongoing Engagements
    Once we know your approximate budget (or if you are open to any) we can provide a fixed price quote which will include the cost of each task involved to complete your project; or we can work under a pay by the hour arrangement for as long or a little as you like (our goal either way is to establish a long-term relationship with you and your business/startup).

    To send our quotes we use Harvest App where you will also approve our quotes. This ensures a transparent workflow including costs for tasks and approvals. Any addition to the original scope will be quoted separately and require approval before commencement (all T&C’s will be stated on your quote).

    Guarantees and Warranties
    We are committed to quality solutions and dealing fairly with our clients. That is why we have agreements covering our relationship with our clients. We list in writing what you can expect from us, and to protect things like your intellectual property, confidentiality and privacy.

    We don’t typically provide big fancy proposals. Why? Simply put we find our time is better invested ‘wowing’ you with actual work than proposals; but if you need one just let us know.

    Project Management Methodology
    All our projects run Agile as from our experience this is by far the best approach for websites, strategy, product design and web/mobile app development.

    Project Commencement
    Once you have approved our quote we will set-up your project and all related tasks on Basecamp App where we track all of our project tasks and client liaison. We’ll provide you with a login so you can see what our Melbourne team are working on and when a task is scheduled to be completed. You will also see any project related documents, to-do lists and alike. This ensures complete transparency and allows you to login to your project at any time for updates.

    Project Workflow
    All projects are built locally on our macs, version controlled via GIT and provided to you for review either via email, on our password protected staging server or via an adhoc app release using TestFlight or TestFairy. During the project you will have direct contact with our Melbourne team actually working hands-on on your project (totally transparent). We invoice at milestones of key deliverables in 1/4, 1/3, 50/50 or other prior agreed payment schedule, the first is always an up-front commencement deposit to start the ball rolling at our end.

    Project Completion
    Once we complete your web/mobile app development or website project we will supply completed website files for you to launch on your server or compiled app development builds for app store deployment. We can also (and in 99% of cases usually do); launch &/or submit your completed project, provide training to manage your project in-house and can also support and monitor your DevOps/servers and entire application 24/7 at an agreed rate. If would would like anything else delivered upon project completion please let us know during scoping.

    On completion your project will initially move to our 30 day support phase where our Melbourne team can assist you with reasonable support and bug fixes at no cost within 30 days. We can also (at anytime) quote future upgrades at a fixed cost or preferably; work on-going with you and your team under a pay by the hour arrangement (our goal either way is to establish a long-term relationship with you and your business/startup).

    Support requests can be logged on Basecamp, phone or email most of which will be actioned & completed within 24 hours (or sooner in most cases!).

    Sound good??Contact us or complete the quote form below.

    You should also read our Blog & FAQ’s and Core Values.


    Digital Creative Agency Melbourne // Hitori South Melbourne
    Testimonials & Recommendations
    "I engaged Hitori to develop CardiacMate a smartphone based secondary prevention program for patients who have suffered a heart attack. CardiacMate has been used as part of a clinical trial in cardiac patients throughout the major hospitals in Melbourne.

    Together we developed an excellent working relationship and I found them to be very receptive not only with the development of the App but also in understanding the Doctor and Patient requirements.

    I have referred Hitori to other Health Professionals to assist with the development of medical software applications." — Dr Yudi (CardiacMate)
    "You guys at Hitori rock! Hitori did an amazing job developing our website FlyTrendy as well as 4 multilingual Apps! We'll be working with you in the future for other projects we have in the pipeline!" — Adriano Di Giulio (FlyTrendy Group)
    "Great team - flexible and conscientious with a great attitude." — Dr Nanayakkara (Check out for the new Pump cardiac HealthTech app developed with Alfred Health)
    "I have dealt with Hitori in my previous role at Dulux with the construction of an app based software system and have been happy with the quality of their work and high standard of service so I would recommend considering them to anyone." — Tom Hammond (Dulux)
    "We appreciate the work that Hitori has done and we would like you to know that we are very happy with the quality of work." — Tristan Boehm (JOLS)

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