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    HITORI is a leading Melbourne mobile app development company for enterprise app development, medical/medtech?and tech startups. We help companies like Schweppes and Dulux improve productivity by mobilising their ordering and QA inspection systems, our HealthTech app developers design medical MedTech / HealthTech apps?for the Austin & Alfred hospitals and build tech startups from the ground up. We develop apps that allow enterprises to monitor remote user activity, automate repetitive tasks / mobilise paper-based systems and help entrepreneurs and ‘intrapreneurs’ bring groundbreaking ideas to life.

    HITORI are proud to dedicate the time required to fully understand your project and ensure we deliver the best native and hybrid/cross-platform mobile app development solutions for iPhone/iPad (iOS) and Android using React Native, Cordova/PhoneGap, Objective-C, Swift and Java.

    In addition to our core web and mobile app development services we provide UX/UI design, strategy and API development & integration.

    Hitori Mobile App Developers Project Hitori Mobile App Developers Project

    Digital Transformation

    We don't just make apps, we build digital businesses and make apps that improve lives; apps like Schweppes Connect that moved Asahi/Schweppes Australia from paper-based ordering forms to a client-managed full cycle mobile ordering facility; or like Austin Health's CardiacMate, an app that improves the lives of heart attack patients by allowing them and their cardiologists to monitor & improve their heart health; or Dementia Australia and Bupa's BrainyApp, an app that reduces the risk of early onset dementia by providing a tailored activity plan and social community.

    We are also true entrepreneurs at heart and develop our own disruptive apps like SnapMatch, a HR automation platform that cuts out the middle-man by providing companies direct access to staff.

    HITORI also has established technology partnerships and working relationships with internal staff at Apple, Google, SAP, Amazon AWS, Australian Digital Health Agency, Telerik, HealthDirect & Garmin.

    The Power of the App

    Whichever way you choose to look at it, apps are an incredibly powerful marketing, business and personal productivity improvement tool. Aside from being an effective way of increasing customer & user engagement, brand visibility and staff productivity, business and enterprise app development enables you to develop brand recognition and user/customer retention on a scale that simply isn't possible in any other media form. The smartphone app is fast overtaking computers as a primary web surfing tool, and so more and more, the mobile app is becoming the most important digital medium for businesses to communicate through.

    There are numerous reasons why you should develop an app for your business enterprise, startup or medical institute in Melbourne including:

    Customer Loyalty, Staff Productivity & Patient/Clinician Engagement
    If it's well developed, a mobile app allows you to form a lasting connection with your app users. Having a direct form of communication with your client/staff helps to cultivate a close relationship, which in turn leads to increased customer loyalty, improved business productivity and better healthcare.

    Increase Engagement
    iPhone and Android apps can be an effective and convenient way for customers and staff (users) to communicate with you and engage your services. Incorporating a booking schedule, ordering system, help desk, or messaging and chat features into your app makes it easy for customers to use your business and app/service offerings. In addition if you have the next 'big' app idea we can help you build your tech startup from the ground up acting as your technical co-founder or CTO.

    Brand Recognition
    Having us develop an iPhone or Android mobile app for your enterprise, startup or medical institute in Melbourne is a great way to increase your brand awareness and improve workflows. Business and enterprise app development allows you to present your business and engage with your clientele on your own terms, and the more your customers use your apps, the more familiar they become with your brand.

    MedTech Medical App Developers / Healthcare App Development
    We are also specialised Melbourne mobile healthcare app development professionals and HIPAA compliant medical app developers whose passion is providing innovative eHealth / mHealth software solutions to improve medical outcomes for Patient and Physician.

    We believe our collaborative approach in designing and developing medical software applications delivers new opportunities to engage, educate, monitor and treat people with or at risk of medical conditions. Our eHealth and mHealth apps are integrated with various health monitoring services such as device accelerometer/GPS, Garmin (HITORI are approved Garmin developers) + Fitbit API's and activity tracking devices, Apple HealthKit and Google Fit.


    Enterprise Mobility, Web Applications, Mobile Apps, Digital Strategy, HealthTech / MedTech, Digital Transformation, DevOps, REST API Development, 3rd-Party API Integration, Load Testing, Digital Product Design, Websites, E-Commerce, Design Thinking, Startups, CTO for Hire, IoT, Automation, and Algorithms.
    Testimonials & Recommendations
    "I engaged Hitori to develop CardiacMate a smartphone based secondary prevention program for patients who have suffered a heart attack. CardiacMate has been used as part of a clinical trial in cardiac patients throughout the major hospitals in Melbourne.

    Together we developed an excellent working relationship and I found them to be very receptive not only with the development of the App but also in understanding the Doctor and Patient requirements.

    I have referred Hitori to other Health Professionals to assist with the development of medical software applications." — Dr Yudi (CardiacMate)
    "You guys at Hitori rock! Hitori did an amazing job developing our website FlyTrendy as well as 4 multilingual Apps! We'll be working with you in the future for other projects we have in the pipeline!" — Adriano Di Giulio (FlyTrendy Group)
    "Great team - flexible and conscientious with a great attitude." — Dr Nanayakkara (Check out for the new Pump cardiac HealthTech app developed with Alfred Health)
    "I have dealt with Hitori in my previous role at Dulux with the construction of an app based software system and have been happy with the quality of their work and high standard of service so I would recommend considering them to anyone." — Tom Hammond (Dulux)
    "We appreciate the work that Hitori has done and we would like you to know that we are very happy with the quality of work." — Tristan Boehm (JOLS)

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