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    HITORI’s Tech Blog & App Development FAQs includes a variety of links to articles we have written &/or replies to the more common questions we are asked. This will be a growing list overtime so please check back for new articles and answers to FAQ’s.

    I have a great idea for an app but no money, where do I start?
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    HIPAA Compliance for App & Web-based Digital Health Platforms
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    Case Study: Alfred Health’s HIPAA Compliant pump App
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    Case Study: Australian Business App Development
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    Disruptive Innovation & Digital Disruption in Australia
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    Case Study: Digital Transformation for Business in Australia
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    How do you start a startup? How do you make your app idea a reality..!?
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    What opportunities do Enterprise Apps provide for my business?
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    What is Hybrid/Cross-Platform Mobile App Development?
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    Appster Liquidation
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    Can you help me with the ‘business’ side?
    Yes of course! At Hitori we do much more than just build apps and websites. Our team has decades of experience in digital/tech and business; we pride ourselves on providing real-world advice for all projects we are involved.

    Do you outsource any work?
    No way! Our entire team (including our design & development team!) is located locally in our South Melbourne studio in Australia; we are also a family owned and operated business.

    Do you provide fixed price quotes or pay by the hour?
    We can work on a fixed price project based on an agreed fixed scope/functional document (usually our quote which is created from discussions &/or your brief); OR we can work on-going under an hourly arrangement for as long or a little as you like; this can be discussed and agreed upon (our goal either way is to establish a long-term relationship with you and your business/startup).

    How long will it take to build/deliver my project?
    It really depends on the complexity of your project; a good guide is ~3-6 months. It can take more or less if your budget/investment is on the high end as we can allocate more developers to your project but it also depends what you are like to work with as a client; we do think “Anything worth doing, is worth doing right“.

    What project management methodology do you use?
    All our projects run Agile as from our experience this is by far the best approach to software development.

    Do you work with technology partners?
    Yes, Hitori has established technology partnerships and working relationships with internal staff at Apple, Google, SAP, Amazon AWS, Australian Digital Health Agency, Telerik, HealthDirect & Garmin.

    Can you host my website/app?
    Yes we also provide DevOps so can setup the required servers and hosting infrastructure for your platform/application, load test for X concurrent users and provide on-going monitoring and maintenance.

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